How to Report a Lost or Stolen U.S. Passport
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7 Steps to Reporting Your Lost/Stolen U.S. Passport in Another Country
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If your U.S. Passport is lost or stolen overseas, do not panic – yet. Most embassies and consulates will properly assist you in taking the necessary steps to report a lost or stolen passport. In general, follow these 7 steps if your passport is lost or stolen outside of the United States:
  1. Determine the U.S. Embassy or Consulate nearest to your location
  2. Go to the U.S. Embassy website link at:
  3. Click the link for the U.S. Embassy that is nearest to your location
  4. Find the "U.S. Citizen Services" link and click it
  5. Find the passport link and subheading for lost/stolen passports and click it
  6. Follow the directions on the webpage for details on what to do
  7. Make an appointment to contact someone at that embassy
For example, if you’re vacationing in Florence, Italy, you would:
  • Click the U.S. Embassy website link at and go to the subheading “Europe and Eurasia”
  • Click the link "Italy: Florence." This link will take you to the U.S. Embassy’s website for Florence, Italy. Here, you’ll see links on the top left of the page.
  • Click the link at the top left of the page titled "U.S. Citizen Services." This will take you to another webpage.
  • At the new webpage, click the link to the right with a graphic that represents the webpage for the whole country of Italy (i.e. the Italian Wide Webpage).
  • On the left of this page you’ll see a column of links. Click the "lost or stolen" link under the Passports subheading.
  • Here you’ll find the information you need report your lost or stolen U.S. Passport. Follow the directions.
  • Finally, make an appointment to contact someone at the embassy.
Finally, we’ll wrap up this article with a few points to keep in mind.