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About Learn About the Law

Our mission of explaining simply how and why the law works begins here. We have defined several key facets of the law that we feel that everyone should know about and housed them here. We're flipping the way the law is perceived, one legal concept at a time. Click on the any areas listed below to learn more.

Legal Glossary (Legal Word of the Day)
Legal Glossary
A typical alphabetical listing of legal words done in an atypical way. Not only do we boil complicated legal jargon down to its essence, but we have also added real world examples of how those ideas could surface in every day life. Whether you are a law student or an everyday Joe, you will find the perfect explanation you were looking for here.

This Day in the Law
This Day in the Law
Past events have unfolded every day, from all around the globe that have shaped the world and societies we live in today. We have selected several significant events that relate to the law and have placed them here. 24-7, 265 you can find out what happened in the law, every day and on the significant dates in your life.