Frequently Asked Questions
Why did you create

In three words, our goal is simplifying legal matters. Let's face it, the world we live in is fairly complicated. In order to be successful in life, you must understand how to navigate the rules. The rules, i.e. the law, provide you with the foundation for how society works. So, the better you understand the law the more likely you'll make better decisions to positively influence your life and those around you.

In short, we studied and saw how legal information was being presented on the Internet and said we can do better. We noticed many different problems with how legal information is currently being presented on the Internet. For example, many legal websites speak in legaleze, i.e. lawyer-talk, do a poor job in explaining basic legal concepts, or are created with the main focus of selling a service or product.

Here, at, our number #1 priority is legal education. We created to flip the way law is taught and learned. We aim to educate you through a more interactive, graphic-friendly, and engaging learning environment. Learning should involve some aspect of fun, and we aim to do this at

What is the mission of

Our mission is to be the Internet's premier FREE legal educational service provider. Why? Because the law is often confusing and even contradictory at times. As such, many people naturally have a difficult time in understanding the law. And understanding the law is too important to allow this to happen.

At our core, we are educators. We want individuals to learn about the law to empower themselves. We want a more educated society because this benefits us all. aims to give you the tools to get where you want to go...and even further.

We aim to achieve our goals by creating the most user-friendly efficient learning legal website on the Internet. We understand this is a lofty goal – but we believe we're up to the challenge.

Is run by lawyers?

Yes...and no. We are made up of many types of people including lawyers and non-lawyers. We are also comprised of graphic artists, IT experts, and creative-minded individuals. We understand that the law is greater than any one segment of the population and we promote the diversity of ideas.

Our unique set-up breeds innovation and progressive teamwork. We also work with law students, creative writers, business individuals, and others to provide content-rich articles for our members and users. If you are interested in getting involved, please let us know.

Do you offer legal advise?

NO! is a legal educational website. This means that we provide legal concepts to our users and members for educational purposes only. In this respect, absolutely no attorney-client relationship is created. Please read our Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy for further details.

Can you locate lawyers in my area for me?

Currently we do not provide this service. However, we may choose to provide this service in the future. At present, you may find lawyers in your area through our sponsored links provided throughout the website.

Do all topics discussed on this website apply to all states?

No, laws vary from state to state. We offer legal concepts that generally apply to many or most states. We may also reference particular state laws in our articles. In the future, we aim to provide specific state laws for certain legal categories.

Will you answer questions that I submit to your website?

Yes. That is why we exist. You can submit questions to

We answer questions in the order we receive them. With that said, our responsiveness varies depending on the number of questions that we receive. We attempt to answer all questions, but cannot guarantee that all questions will be answered. If you do not receive a response in a reasonable amount of time, you can resubmit your question. Also, remember that we do not provide legal advice whatsoever! If you are seeking legal advice, please consult a legal professional.

I am an attorney. Can I contribute to your website?

Yes. We offer multiple opportunities for attorneys to become involved with You can take part in such ways as writing articles, providing mentorships to law students and young lawyers, and/or offering your "legal eye" on certain legal categories or articles.

If you are an attorney and want to take part in our 21st century innovate approach to teaching the law, giving back to the community, or helping younger lawyers develop their skills, is the place to do it. Please read our brochure on the many benefits of getting involved with

I am a law student. Can I get involved with your website?

Yes. We built this website with law students as one of our main focuses. We truly enjoy working with law students, and as such, provide many avenues for you to get involved.

We currently offer a mentoring program for qualified law students to work with an experienced attorney in drafting articles and building your legal skills. Space is limited to the most enthusiastic and motivated students. Please refer to our law student brochure for further details.

I am not an attorney or a law student. Can I get involved with your website?

Yes. Some of our members are non-attorneys with no legal background. We offer opportunities for editors, creative writers, and certain other individuals. Please refer to our non-attorney brochure for further details.

I am an attorney and I challenge something you have written. How can I contact you about this?

If you challenge information presented on, please feel free to contact us at We welcome your critiques.

How often is your website updated?

We write new articles daily and review older articles when new laws may alter their content.

Who designed the website?

Our internal team of webmasters designed the site. If interested in learning more about website design, or if you have questions or comments regarding our design please send your comments to