Is WinMX Legal?
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WinMX’s Run-in With the RIAA
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In late 2005, the original creator of WinMX, Frontcode Technologies, received a cease and desist letter from Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The RIAA demanded that WinMX use special filters to make it impossible for users to download copyrighted material from WinMX. Frontcode Technologies eventually was not able to comply with RIAA’s request.

As a result of RIAA’s demand, the official WinMX website and servers were shut down in September 2005. Currently, WinMX remains operable through third-party modifications.

Additionally, WinMX by default will only share audio and video files. However, if WinMX is properly configured it can share almost every type of file.

NOTE: WinMX is still operable outside the United States, as U.S. copyright law does not apply beyond international borders. Still, there are various international treaties that are in effect that may influence how other countries deal with U.S. copyright law.

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