Agency Law
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In this article we took a look at the basic tenants of agency law, including what it means to be an "agent," how agency authority is formed, how an agency relationship is created, the different types of agents, and examples of agency situations. In addition, agency relationships can end in many ways (often like how they begin), including: by contract, where both the principal and agent agree to end the relationship, or where there is no more need for the agency.

You should have a much better understanding about how agency law operates, and keep in mind that the tenants of agency law mentioned in this article apply generally to all types of agency relationships.

Did you read this article for someone else, perhaps for a work or school project? If so, you were likely reading this article in the capacity of an agent. Make sure you disclose to your principal what you’ve learned or you may have violated your agency duties, and James Bond, "007," surely wouldn’t approve of that no matter what kind of agent you are.

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