Copyrights – Top 10 Questions
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Question 10
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Question 10 – Can I File One Copyright Application for Multiple Works?

This is a common question once someone decides to register a copyrighted work. In short, you can file one application for multiple copyrighted works, but only for certain types of works.

For example, you can register several works together as a "collection" if each of the individual works were created by the same author or at least one author contributed to each of the individual works. For example, you can register a CD with multiple songs on one application and pay only one application fee.

However, you could not register a separate song and separate book on one application. Instead, you’d have to register the song and book separately and pay two filing fees. As of this writing, a single filing fee can be as cheap as $35 for a basic claim that is filed online. However, you may want to consult an attorney to properly file your copyrighted work. Finally, we’ll wrap up this article with some main considerations.