Work Made for Hire - Top 10 Questions
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Question 10
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Question 10 – How Long Does Copyright Protection Last for a Work Made for Hire?

The length of copyright protection for a "work made for hire" is different than a copyrighted work created and owned by an individual.

Copyright protections for a "work made for hire" lasts for:
  • 95 years from the date of publication, OR
  • 120 years from the date of creation
  • whichever ends first
Here, keep in mind that publication is different than creation. In particular, publication refers to when the work is published to the general market (often through the sale, licensing, or some other form to generate revenue). In contrast, creation is the date when the work is made.

Also, remember that an ordinary copyrighted work made and owned by an individual lasts for the life of the author (+) 70 years.

Finally, we’ll wrap up this article with some main points to keep in mind.