PO Box – for the Virtual Entrepreneur
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In this article, we took a look at how to set up a PO Box for business purposes, the pros and cons of PO boxes, and how to use your PO Box to enter the "virtual world." You should now have a better idea about what it means to go "virtual" as an entrepreneur. You’ll likely want to look into the possibility of setting up a PO Box, at least in the beginning of your business, to create a physical address for your business.

Keep in mind that other businesses and individuals may look down upon your "virtual" business. However, setting up a PO Box for your business is often an early step for new entrepreneurs. And it takes time and money to build a successful business.

As a virtual business person you can work from anywhere – in a coffee shop, at home, at the library, or on a beach in Mexico. You set up your own hours and schedule. You’re not confined to a 10 x 10 cubicle or designated office space. So, what’s the appeal of going virtual? Probably the great sense of freedom that you’ll feel once you take the plunge into the virtual world. However, make sure you keep to your schedules like you would with a regular office – this is often a big downfall for many new "virtual" businesspeople.

Finally, many types of businesses can be run completely virtual, such as selling products online or offering professional services. In the end, your products and/or services and customer service and development will make or break your business. The PO Box is just one way to get you in the door of the "virtual" world of business. We hope you enjoy the ride!

PS Form 1093, April 2004