Expungements – What You Need to Know
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In this article, we took a look at what expungements are (and are not), the eligibility requirements for an expungement, the differences between expungements and pardons, and how to find a lawyer to assist you or another in obtaining an expungement.

Remember, expungements are a form of equity, i.e. fairness, to give those individuals who committed a crime a second chance. Juvenile criminal records are often sealed, or expunged, in order to allow the juvenile a second chance to become a productive citizen. In the same way, adults may sometimes be able to expunge a past criminal act as long as the adult takes the necessary steps to become a product citizen and refrain from any further criminal activity.

You should now have a better understanding about expungements and the rules and processes required to expunge a crime. While the process may seem somewhat stringent, it’s meant to be stringent for a purpose.