The U.S. Census
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2010 U.S. Census – How It Will Be Conducted
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In 2010, approximately 140,000 census workers will go door-to-door to identify and record every residential address – estimated at around 145 million housing units – using hand-held computers with GPS systems. The GPS systems will be used by canvassers to better record addresses. Gone are the days of pencil and paper!

Additionally, for the first time ever, "group quarters" consisting of group homes, prisons, homeless shelters, dormitories, etc. will be included in the U.S. census coverage to improve the total count.

The Census Bureau will determine actual counts of persons dwelling in U.S. residential structures, which include citizens, non-citizen legal residents, non-citizen long-term visitors, and illegal immigrants. For years between the censuses, the Census Bureau issues estimates made using surveys and statistical models.

For more information on how to get involved with the 2010 census, see the links below.


Government, non-profit, corporate or community organizations can become "partners" with the Census Bureau in order to achieve its goal of a complete count at:

Potential 2010 U.S. census jobs may be found at:

Next, we’ll go over a brief 2010 U.S. census timeline and some interesting statistics.