Making a Will
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Attestation Clause
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Some states require that the will has an attestation clause. But many states do not require an attestation clause, so check with your local state laws.

An attestation clause is simply a clause written into the will that says 2 or more witnesses attested to (i.e. witnessed) the testator signing the will. An attestation clause is basically one more way to validate the attestation of the witnesses.

As we previously mentioned under element (3), witnesses have to attest to the will. However, an attestation clause in the will makes it even more certain that the witnesses did actually attest to the will. The attestation clause is an extra step that shows attestation has really occurred. An attestation clause is also a big help for probate judges – they simply have to see if there was an attestation clause with the witnesses’ signatures, and attestation is satisfied.

Next, let’s go over some additional considerations to keep in mind.

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