How to Become a Lawyer: College to the Job Market (Part II)
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Taking the Bar Exam
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After all your hard work in studying, the day will finally arrive when you have to take the test. Before you arrive at the testing center, make sure to do the following: (1) know where the test center is, (2) book a hotel in advance, (3) arrive at your hotel the day before you take the test, (4) visit the test center from your hotel so you know how to get there in the morning, (5) pack all of the supplies you will need for the test the night before, and (6) get a good night’s sleep.

On the first day of the exam, arrive early to the test center and find your seat. If you have properly prepared, you will do fine. You will not get every answer correct, but don’t get too caught up on any one particular question that you may struggle with. The bar exam is all about getting points. You will need a certain amount of points to pass, and it doesn’t matter where those points come from. And remember, no one cares about what score you get on the bar exam. They only care if you pass! This is still our favorite Q&A regarding the bar exam:

Question: What do they call the person with the worst passing score on the bar exam?

Answer: A lawyer.

Next, we’ll take a look at what occurs after you take the Bar Exam.