Trademarks – Top 10 Questions
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Trademark Question 10
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Question 10 – Do I Need an Attorney to File for Federal Trademark Registration?

No. Any owner of a trademark can file for federal trademark registration on his/her own. However, it generally behooves most trademark owners to hire a lawyer to file on their behalf. Why? In short, for the same reason you would hire a doctor to diagnose you illness, mechanic to fix your car, or CPA to file your taxes.

Trademark law – like nearly every other area of the law – is fraught with technicalities and nuances that trademark attorneys specialize in. For example, the proper way to file for a trademark begins with overall business and marketing analysis, an in-depth trademark search, review of the search, proper classifications of goods and services, correspondence to office actions with examining attorneys from the USPTO, proper use of the trademark in commerce, etc.

So, many individuals and business owners hire a trademark attorney to file on their behalf.

Finally, we’ll wrap up this article with some main considerations.

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