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9/9/2013 1:50:10 AM
Arvin wrote:

Ur decrying of Madras Law ceoglle as producing rowdies and upholding School of Excellence in Law as producing IAS toppers, makes sad reading.MLC makes one conscious of his rights, human rights, and a passion for justice, and an urge to agitate against the system. Such courage cant be found among other ceoglle students as the students r expected to be slaves to society.MLC students r not slaves. From among whom our hope rests for future leaders as politicians national and regional, who CAN CHANGE THE SYSTEM.It has produced many. Like this MLC, JNU also.Free thinking, no mental slavery. On the contray, take ur School of Excellence in Law. What does it produce ? And who shd it produce as u say? IAS officers. Will they change the system ?
9/10/2013 9:14:24 AM
Brian wrote:

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