Closing Arguments in Movies that "Kill"
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Movies often do not accurately portray legal concepts and procedures. In fact, in real courtrooms throughout America, many lawyers ask potential jurors in the voir dire (i.e. jury selection) whether they watch movies or television shows relating to the law. Lawyers generally do this in an attempt to educate jurors about the pitfalls and inaccuracies that Hollywood portrays in the legal system. For example, forensic evidence takes much, much longer to develop and produce that over a ½ hour in a hit television series. However, Hollywood has produced some superb legal based movies with memorable closing arguments.

If you’ve read the article "The Art of a Closing Argument," you have a basic understanding of how closing arguments work. Now that you know the basics, in this article we’ll look at two popular American films that have truly memorable closing arguments: A Time to Kill, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Next, we’ll go over one Hollywood movie with a "killer" closing argument.

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