Bigen Allergic Reactions - Your Legal Rights Under the Law
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Bigen Allergic Reaction - Your Legal Rights Under the Law
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A Bigen allergic reaction can be a scary thing. Bigen hair dye allergic reactions have sent many people to the emergency room with complaints of chemical burn, swollen head, swollen face, itching, lesions, pain, and hair loss. While all of these symptoms may be present, the most distinct feature of an allergic reaction to Bigen hair color is severe head swelling and face swelling to the point where the victim is almost unrecognizable. A Bigen reaction can clearly be a traumatic experience.

A Bigen reaction can also consist of chemical burn, which can be severe and cause intense pain. Much of the scalp can become severely reddened and pustules or other irritation can often form. Bigen reaction victims have also described severe itching. These symptoms can obviously lead to significant emotional trauma and distress as well as have a negative effect on how victims go about living their daily lives.

One of the more troubling aspects of a Bigen reaction is that victims may have used the hair dye many times before with no symptoms. Then, all of a sudden, the unsuspecting victim uses the product, has a severe allergic reaction, and ends up in the emergency room. Doctors often prescribe Benadryl and monitor the victim to make sure the swelling does not cause an airway restriction. After the victim is stabilized, they are generally released from the hospital, but not before incurring significant medical care and emotional trauma.

The big question for Bigen victims becomes: what can be done under the law in order to get appropriate compensation for everything that the victim has gone through? Fortunately, under the legal theory of product liability law, Bigen allergic reaction victims may be entitled to a settlement consisting of money compensation to cover medical bills, pain, suffering, and emotional distress. Victims should act quickly, as there is a limited amount of time in which claims can be made. A prompt phone call to an experienced Bigen attorney after a reaction is the best way to pursue a product liability claim and to make sure that you don’t become a victim twice!

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