Out-of-Home Care Neglect
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In this article, we’ve explored the concept of out-of-home care neglect. This is an important legal term to understand, especially if you are a parent or custodian who is in the process of placing your child at a daycare facility, day camp, or even school, like most other hardworking parents in the U.S.

As you venture into this world, it is important to understand the concept of out-of-home care neglect. As you have read, it is important to make well-informed decisions with respect to the individuals and facilities that will be providing day-to-day care for your loved ones.

In the event that some type of neglect occurs with respect to your child, you could be at risk of losing your full range of parental rights. This article was not intended to deter you from placing your child into the care of outside facilities. This article should encourage you to thoroughly research your options in order to ensure that there is no fault upon you as a parent. Remember, making good choices with respect to your children is the greatest gift you can give them.

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