Prepare for a Job Interview – Good Questions & Follow Up
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How to Prepare for Your Job Interview
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Preparation is essential to any job interview. In fact, you should never go into an interview without at least forming a basic understanding of the company in which you are seeking gainful employment. All too often, candidates fail to properly prepare for their job interviews which may lead to a lack of job offers.

First: Do your homework! If the company has a website, go to it and learn everything you can about it. See if there is a FAQs page that may answer some of the questions that you have. Read about the personal profiles of people in the company, especially if that person will be interviewing you. Take notes if you have to. You don’t want to ask questions that the company’s website has already answered.

Second: A job interview involves your interaction – it is not just the hiring manager’s job to interview you. In some respects, you should be interviewing the hiring manager. You’ll need to at least ask some questions to determine whether you would like to work at the company in the position offered.

Next, we’ll go over some areas of questions that you may want to ask in the interview process.