Personnel File System – What to Keep & How to Maintain It
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What Not To Keep in an Employee File
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An employer should not include too much information in an employee file because, as strange as it seems, that information can be used against the employer in a lawsuit. Additionally, some states allow employees to view their employee file at any time.

Files not to keep in an employee file:
  • Employee’s medical records
    • For example, if an employee is considered disabled, it is best to keep this information in a separate file where no one in the company has access to the information, except the human resource manager
      • This information is also strictly confidential and its access should be very limited
  • Form I-9
    • Should be kept in a separate file for each employee pursuant to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
    • It verifies eligibility of an employee to work in the United States
  • Non-related employee documents
    • Documents relating to an employee’s private life, race, religion, political affiliation, sex, etc.
    • These types of documents could be used against an employer in a discrimination claim or lawsuit
Next, we’ll wrap up this article with some of the main considerations to keep in mind.